In 2012, Atelier LeonLeon designed a LED light dress for the exhibition

Smart Technology at Science Centre NEMO in Amsterdam.

The LED light dress is the creative result of the meeting between

new technology and haute couture.


The design was inspired by the building of the museum: a ship coming out of the water with lines that emphasize the trapezium shape.

The dress is made in the shape of an upside down drop of water and the seams flow like waves over the surface of the dress.

2000 LED light are integrated into the design which display colorful animations directed by built-in technology.


The LED light dress was chosen to be the promotional image

of the new exhibition and it became the nr.1 attraction.




Just like a new birth of a Venus of Light,
Leon wanted to propose a retro-futuristic image
of a warm and colorful future.
New technology meets humanity
to become sensual and aspirational.

Photography by Wanda Tuerlinckx